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Gold engagement rings.
Jewelry is not only an effective ornament. It is also a symbol, a carrier of memories and emotions, and the message we send out into the world. Engagement rings also have an additional meaning – they are a sign of the promise of a life path together. This category presents gold engagement rings inspired by mountains. We believe that engagement jewelry signed with the Hilly Sheep logo will become a symbol of love and mountain passion for you. All engagement rings gathered in this category are handmade based on our original designs. They are created in our Cracow workshop using modern and traditional techniques. If, apart from the mountains, you are also keen on handmade jewelry and Polish design, our designs were created just for people like you. That is why among the products available in the store you will find engagement rings made of classic yellow gold and white gold engagement rings.

White gold engagement rings.
We know that many of you appreciate the cool brilliance of white gold. That’s why the collection of our engagement rings could not lack models made exactly in this precious metal. Thus, this category includes white gold engagement rings decorated with motifs of mountain panoramas.
Engagement rings with diamonds and mountains
Our most popular models of gold engagement rings are designs decorated with motifs of mountain panoramas. Jewelry with such designs gently wraps around the finger, and the mountain design is a clear symbol of mountain passion. In the collection you will find mountain rings in several different variants, as a result, we believe that you will choose a model that will meet your expectations.
However, this is not really the end of mountain motifs in our engagement ring collection. The mountains are so inspiring that they have also provided us with other ideas in addition to the peak designs themselves. A gold engagement ring with a diamond and rope motif is mountain-inspired jewelry that can be a great option for those who love not only hiking, but also climbing. Another take on the mountain theme in our engagement ring collection is a model with a diamond and rock texture.

There is also a place for classic engagement rings among Hilly Sheep designs. A natural diamond in a massive round setting looks elegant on the finger and will be a great choice if you are looking for a ring for a follower of classics and minimalism. There is also another design in the collection that is kept in the spirit of jewelry simplicity, a gold engagement ring with a diamond in a triangular setting.

We take special care in preparing our mountain jewelry to keep the designs in a minimalist aesthetic. This translates not only into an elegant appearance of the jewelry, but also makes it very comfortable to wear. The ring sits well on the finger, does not snag on clothes, for example, and does not hinder freedom of movement. As a result, it is a piece of jewelry that will accompany its owner also during daily activities, without the need to take it off.
Therefore, this will be a great option for an engagement ring even for an active woman, as there is no need to remove the jewelry, for example, for a workout. Thus, it will be a good choice if your chosen one appreciates an active way of spending time.

Our jewelry is wrapped in elegant jewelry boxes to make it look classy during the proposal. What’s more, the packaging protects the ring for transportation.

Upon request, we can make an engagement ring in white or yellow gold with a sapphire. If you are interested in such a version of the ring, feel free to contact us.

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