Our sizes



Women’s bracelets: Standard size 17 cm (+ 1 cm extension)
Men’s bracelets: 20 cm


42 cm , 45 cm , 50 cm



Size Circumference * Diameter *
9 49 15,60
10 50 15,95
11 51 16,3
12 52 16,6
13 53 16,9
14 54 17,4
15 55 17,65
16 56 18,00
17 57 18,2
18 58 18,5
19 59 18,8
20 60 19,2
21 61 19,40
22 62 19,80
23 63 20,1
24 64 20,4
25 65 20,8


* Inside circumference and diameter in mm

All projects are handmade to particular order in our workshop. On special request, we will customise the length of bracelet, necklace. You can write preferred length in order comments or contact with us by email HERE.

Jewellery care

Let’s start with what jewellery does not like: baths, perfumes, detergents and cosmetics.
Ingredients found in cosmetics (perfumes, deodorants, creams, etc.) and detergents can cause discolouration of jewellery or skin in the place of contact with the jewellery. Apply cosmetics before putting on your jewellery.

Jewellery should be cleaned only with appropriate cloths, which you can buy at jewellery shops.


How to look after silver?

925 silver undergoes a natural oxidation process. Over time it blackens and loses its shine. To take proper care of silver jewellery, avoid leaving it in damp places and store it in air-tight boxes. With proper cleaning, it regains its former glory.


How to look after gold?

Gold jewellery requires little effort as long as it is used as intended and stored properly. It is full of shine and in order to maintain it for longer, avoid contact with detergents, bleaches (especially those containing chlorine) and other cleaning agents.

Hilly Sheep quality

Our jewellery is fully made of precious metals. We work with 585 gold and 925 silver, we do not goldplate or silverplate our products. The jewellery is original and hand-made. We cast our products in high-grade 925 silver and 14ct gold. The jewellery features our hallmark registered with the Test Office.
We use natural, precious and semi-precious stones, most of which are not corrected or dyed. All the stones are encased by hand at our studio.

We pack our jewellery in decorative packaging, which is ideal for gifts.


We pack our jewellery in decorative packaging, which is ideal for gifts.