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The on-line shop Hilly Sheep hereinafter referred to as the On-line Shop or Shop, is run and operated by the Hilly Sheep-Baziunowa Izba Wojciech Majcher company, with its registered office in Nowy Targ, 34-400 ul. Witosa 7/3,

Tax Identification Number (NIP): 945-196-38-28

National Business Registry Number (REGON): 122531527


Hilly Sheep on-line shop can be fund at: www.hillysheep.com and it is intended to sell products via the Internet. The prices on the website www.hillysheep.com

Person placing the order must be over 18 years old.

Filling in the ordering form, choosing the form of payment, delivery option and submitting the order are the condition of processing the order.

The due payment date is 7 days.

Pre-payment onto the bank account or via PayPal are the preferred methods of payment.

After the order is placed, the customer shall receive a confirmation via the email.

The person placing the order declares that he/she is familiarized with the content of terms and conditions of the Shop and accepts its provisions. In the event of failure in complying with the provisions herein by the ordering party, the on-line Shop Hilly Sheep is allowed to cancel the placed order.

The on-line shop Hilly Sheep reserves the right of rejecting the order in which the ordering form was not completed properly or incomplete.

The products prices at the Hilly Sheep on-line shop are in euros (EUR).. The bill of sale is enclosed to every order. .


In the compliance with the charter 3 of the Consumer Law Act from May 30th 2014 „Entrepreneur’s duties enclosed in the agreements which were entered into away from the business premises or in the remote distance” Art. 12.1. The detailed regulations concerning entering into agreement, returns procedures and complaints shall be handed to the Consumer on the durable medium (email) when the Consumer will be willing to enter into an agreement away from the business premises or into a remote agreement at the latest.

The Consumer is allowed to return the purchased product with no cause within 14 days in compliance with the Consumer’s rights Act from the day of May 30th 2014 (Journal of Laws 2014, item 827 with further amendments) “Consumer who has entered into a remote agreement or agreement away from the business premises has a right to withdraw from that agreement within 14 days giving no reason and bearing no costs, except the costs pointed out below. ”


4.0. All our products are carefully and neatly wrapped ino a fancy bags and sent In cartboard boxes with soft filling.

4.1. The items purchased on the shop website are sent by:

– Polish National Post 5 euros, delivery between 4 and 8 working days.

– Global Express Delivery 10 euros, delivery between 2 and 5 working days

– Global Express Delivery 16 euros, delivery between 2 and 5 working days

4.2. The order is processed usually up to 3 days from the moment of crediting the money transfer on the account.

The order on the customer’s request is exceptional, where the deadline is clearly indicated.


All personal data are used by cobaltblue.pl only in order to perform the activities of commercial service, in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act, art.23, it.1 point 1,3 and 5.


Individual orders are processed only after the prepayment is credited and after all the details are determined and agreed upon via the email o rover the phone.

The completion date is abort 10 days.

The detailed information for transferring the payment can be found at our website at the “Contact” tab, the bank account transfer title: Deposit

You will be informed about crediting the payment onto an account @

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7.1. The entire wording, pictures and graphic, as well as every presented piece of work constitute the sole and exclusive property of HillySheep and are the subject of Copyright and Related Rights Act from the day of February 4th 1994 (Journal od Laws 2000, no.80, it.904 with further amendments)

7.2. Any part of the present website must not be disseminated or distributed either as an electronic publications (including any other internet websites) or in printing, without the Hilly Sheep written consent.