Hilly Sheep

Hilly Sheep is a company founded by Jagoda Majcher in 2012, in Nowy Targ, the capital of Podhale region.
I am an MA engineer, graduated from the faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow.
What is more, I have trained traditional jewellery making techniques at Xeriol Goldsmith School, under the watchful eye of a goldsmith master Magdalena Maślerz.
I am a highlander, born and raised in Nowy Targ, with instilled love for the Tatra Mountains and Goral culture.
Out of passion for mountains emerged our brand Hilly Sheep, created together with my team, with endless endurance and love.

Our jewellery

Hilly Sheep jewellery is formed in our Cracovian workshop. We create all of the patterns using traditional and modern goldsmithing techniques. We pay great attention to the quality of metals’ fabrication and metalworking. We work only in gold (37.5 and 58.5) and silver (92.5). We don’t gild or silver our products, because we want our jewellery to be timeless. We love stones, we choose the raw and natural ones, which give character to our products. We cooperate with Polish suppliers and Polish Mint.
Thanks to that we guarantee the highest quality of our products.

Mountains our greatest love and inspiration …

In the jewellery we close their part, so they could always accompany you.
Tatra peaks and Goral culture are the dearest for us. They are often included in our jewellery’s carvings and patterns.
In the process of designing we focus on minimalism, simplicity and comfort.
It’s really important to us that Hilly Sheep jewellery could accompany you not only in everyday life, but also while realising your mountain dreams…